The New Evangelist

Hi, my name is Benjamin Cremer, web developer at the shopware AG.


I joined shopware nearly three years ago. Ever since, I'm working in the core development team were we push our main product Shopware 4 forward.
I am mostly a backend guy and passionate Linux user. I like my Linux shell as my primary user interface.

It's a pleasure and honor for me to announce that I will be a Developer Advocate at Shopware.

As Developer Advocate I act as a bridge between third party developers and Shopware itself. The most important part of my job is to help developers learn the skills, tricks, and best practices required to contribute to Shopware, build great projects with and around Shopware.

The community edition of Shopware is open source since 2010 but starting with Shopware 4 in 2012, we genuine open sourced shopware under the AGPL3 license.
We use open source projects like Symfony and Doctrine2 a lot and want to contribute back to upstream projects and also open source more of our (yet) internal projects.

In this blog me and my colleagues will write about recent shopware related news and give you some insights into the daily work of me and my co workers at Shopware.

But there is so much more to my job as a Developer Advocate.

For instance, I attend tech conferences in Europe on a regular basis, next will be the Benelux Conference in Antwerp, Belgium.

If you want to meet me in person or have a drink with me just drop me a line. I will publish scheduled conferences in this blog.


You can find me online on Twitter, on GitHub and on IRC in #shopware (irc://

I'm looking forward to an exciting time and hope we can build something great together.


Despite my new position as a Developer Advocate I will stay in the core development team and continue coding at the Shopware core.

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